About Us

SAM Records UK is a small independent label based in Birmingham UK.

Established in 2016, our initial focus has been on the release of material that could previously be deemed 'lost' or simply overlooked.

The genres released or under consideration to date are jazz/blues, punk-pop, reggae and soul.

Discussions regarding release of contemporary material are already underway.

The Team

John Benbow


During a diverse career, John Benbow has ticked the boxes for; taxi driver, guitar tech for Ocean Colour Scene, open mic host at four venues, private tutor, Occupational Therapy technical instructor for the NHS, currently the OT music specialist at the Birmingham site of a leading mental health charity and now, in his spare time, founder of this new independent record label. “Most of this would not have happened had I not met Roger Hill whilst a taxi driver.”

Sandra Burden

Moral Support

Sandra has a preference for being outdoors and spends her spare time gardening either at home or on the allotment where she grows a range of produce with the occasional success. Taking produce to the table, she also dabbles with different styles of cooking much to John’s delight. For means of earning a living, Sandra has for the last thirty years provided a design and print service for educational establishments. Sandra first met John in the early 80s who since then has led her on a merry dance with all his musical escapades for which she provides moral support. After fourteen years of blissful sin, Sandra and John finally married in 2017.


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